Breaking News : Roadies Season 11 confirmed, Raghu to be a part.

Breaking News : Roadies 11 (XI) confirmed, Raghu Ram is in it again.

So, like every year, Roadies news becomes slow till around October. And this morning I decided to do a little surfing. Looks like they’ve officially launched Roadies 11.


Then, this tweet from Raghu Ram made me do some more searching and I stumbled upon this:

What to expect?

So, according to the currently leaked information I can give you this; remember [V] The Player? The pattern would be somewhat similar but there will be “respect points” to collect. By the end of the show, whoever has the most “respect points” wins. But this is just a wild guess.

I have some reservations though. What is roadies without politics and voteouts? Nothing! So I am a little concerned that this might be a very bold step which could only work if the participants are amazing and the story moves in a nice, solid pace.

Let’s hold on to our hats for more news. What do you guys think? Do you think Raghu is here to stay? Do you think the “no voteouts/no politics” pattern will kill the roadies franchise? Comment below :)

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Talking Roadies with Roadies – Episode 1 : Roop Bhinder.

Roop Bhinder has made her mark in the very first battleground, Roadies 6 (Hell Down Under) and Roadies X (Battle for Glory). Talking to her made me realize how real the girl is. WIthin minutes we were chatting like we’ve known each other for a long long while and this was probably the cause why we spoke without hesitance about the show.


Roop’s Battleground.

Roop was the runner up in the very first battleground installment. She was instantly the viewers favorite. She made an amazing impact on the internet fanbase.

Q: How did you discover battlground?

A: I started watching Roadies from season 4, when my mom insisted. After that, I joined Roadies community on Orkut which turned out to be the official community on the social network. We used to discuss about roadies and I was instantly liked by everyone. There, on the community, I saw the announcement of battleground and I thought about giving it a try.

Q: What was the best thing about battleground?

A: I made a lot of friends. Aniket, who won the first installment is a very good friend of mine.


Here, we see the runnerup of battleground, winning our hearts and even the judge’s hearts in the auditions. She was quick, she was smart and she was clear as crystal. Her journey on the season had mainly ups but a very unfortunate down that led to the back to back elimination of all of her friends after that.

Q: Why did people label you as the “mastermind” in the season?

A: I was actually a little bit of a mastermind. Till the episode that I survived, I tried to make sure that none of the members of my team should get eliminated. And I actually succeeded in that plan. Till I tried to save Natasha from one voteout.

Q: Explain the circumstance of your voteout.

A: It is actually a very funny scenario. I tried to convince Tammana to not vote Natasha out, which turned her and all her support against me. The funny part is, even Natasha voted me out!

Q: Do you have anything to say to her about that incidence?

A: Not really. I think she understood the game well and played it nicely and I actually really admire her for that.

Q: Who are you in contact with from season 6?

A: Bobby, Samrat, Pradeep and Sandeep are probably one of my closest friends from the season. But Bobby is my best friend. We still talk to each other daily.

Q: You weren’t friends with Palak in season 6 in wide contrast to season 10. Why?

A: 4 years ago, Palak used to be very immature and annoying. She wouldn’t stop talking and was very loud. I confess, I was behind her very first voteout. But in season 10 I got to share a room with her and I found out about her true nature. She is a very genuine person and I really respect her.

Q: Who is your most favourite Roadie from Hell down under?

A: Definitely Samrat and Sufi.


Here we see a very casual and relaxed Roop, living the moments on the show and enjoying the bits. Not involved with politics and still labelled as the mastermind.

Q: How did you and Mohit become friends?

A: To be honest, I hadn’t followed season 8 and I didn’t know who Mohit, Suchit and Avtar were. Mohit is a very mature person and I immediately became friends with him. 

Q: Why were you guys picking on Avtar when he didn’t actually force Palak to go in the coffin?

A: As it was shown in the first part of the finale episode and Mohit said it himself, that after Palak went inside, Avtar was laughing his evil laugh which really annoyed us all that he’s reacting this way when a person is sacrificing her position in the show.

Q: Explain the spontaneity with which you exclaimed Avtar to leave the show in Palak’s place.

A: Avtar used to always say that he’d go if Palak ever gets voted out. I just used that opportunity and said it in front of him. He still says that he’s very scared of me. He’s a sweet guy and we often talk on BBM.

Q: Explain the thoughts going in your mind before and after the boxing task.

A: I stepped in the ring considering all the factors that Ramandeep is like a little sister, I will try and hit her less. But when I first recieved a punch across my face, I realized I am gone. Ramandeep hammered me more than she boxed me and I got a large bruise on my shoulder which I didn’t mention on screen.

Q: What was going through your mind when you were forced to go into battle after the boxing task?

A: “Aasmaan say giri, khujoor main atki”. I was already in such pain and shock that I couldn’t really use that axe well. I was really tired. But it was alright. I had had a great journey all over so I was satisfied with myself.

Q: Favorite roadies in season 10?

A: Definitely Palak and Mohit. They performed in every single task.


Season 7 : Best performers packed in one season but a very badly made season overall. The show was nothing without Raghu

Season 8: A great season from start till semi-finale 🙂

Season 9: Greatly planned but mostly horrible contestants. I loved Diyali!

Season 10 : Definitely the best season yet. Even better than season 6, I must say!

Swati’s comments on Geetika : I was very annoyed that she could talk this way about a girl! I did what I would normally do in any other situation.

Ramandeep: Ramandeep is like a little sister to me. She is really like a child.

Raghu : A very well learned and an amazing person. I was glad I was given a chance to know him better. This season, he was on camera most of the times and interacted with us more. We had lots of fun and most of it, ofcourse, gets lost in the editing.

Palak winning the show: Palak really deserved to win the show. To all the people who say she did not perform well, I say she performed better than Ramandeep and Suchit in this season and she played smartly as well. She deserved to win the show 100%.

My Observation about Roop.

She is very down to earth. Very simple. And a very genuine human being. During my 1.5 hour long conversation with her, I didn’t find a single gesture that made me feel unwelcomed. It was my first interview and it went amazingly well because of this awesome  and gem of a person. I wish her all the best in her life and thank her, from my part and for every other roadie out there, for being so mature about the show and taking your ups and downs like a sportsperson. For teaching us that Roadies is just a game show that does not trascend human connection and love. For maintaining that level of respect and not letting politics and back stabbing overcome your gameplay. Observe that during her course of journey, she never once cried on screen, never backstabbed friends and never took elimination weakly and I believe that speaks volumes about the heart that beats in her thorax.


You can find her on



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Splitsvilla Season 6 – Suggestion Needed

Before Roadies X ended and splitsvilla began, I was thinking of reviewing splitsvilla too. But after the first episode, I am really confused. Need your help.


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Episode 12 – GRAND FINALE.

Season 9 ended with leaving us confused, puzzled and a little disappointed. All the more reasons to look forward to a fresh season, a new concept and different faces in the next season. What we got was more than just fresh. It was amazing and delicious. It was everything we hope in a roadies season. It was exactly what made roadies roadies.

Season 10 was shorter than most season but definitely, absolutely and without a single doubt, the best season I have seen. Even the finale was satisfying to certain extents.

Rajiv Baba, Rope-Honey-Mirchi Task, Girls vs Boys and Surprises.

SURPRISE. Rajiv baba’s entry. SURPRISE! NO TWIST! What Rajiv baba did bring with him were hot and freshly baked sarcasm pies that he so nicely smacked on everybody’s faces. “Baba ki jaye”

The previous confrontation was a SURPRISE distributor of the teams in the finale. Ramandeep +Palak vs Mohit + Anirudh. It was a good task overall and Palak managed to climb more than any average guy would have without weights. Mohit is just too amazing that he gave her tough competition even with all that load on his back.


Reasons for Mohit and Anirudh’s loss:

  • The weight on Mohit’s back
  • Mohit was CLIMBING down the rope while Palak put the harness to smart use.
  • Raghu has been adamant to prove female prowess to the world.

In a way, all this was fair too. There was actually no way to realize an equivalent weight to make this fair. I agree, 10 kilos was a lot. But considering the enormous strength the guy posses, it was justified. Palak actually did well. SURPRISE!

Palak vs Ramandeep in the Houdini Task.


I was really hoping that it would be Anirduh and Mohit at this point. I was devastated to see them go like that. But fair is fair. It was now Palak vs Ramandeep in the most dramatic task I’ve seen for the finale. Although season 9’s final task was befitting too. So was season 7’s and 6’s.

The worst was probably season 8’s and to be honest, that kind of ruined the whole season for me badly.

Palak did extra-ordinarily well in this one and won by a clear margin but both the girls emerged victorious. Ramandeep faced her fears. What would have added a perfect taste in this that in this much awaited Ramandeep vs Palak battle, Ramandeep would’ve emerged victorious and she could dedicate it to Suchit and tell everyone that she avenged his unfair elimination! 🙂 The perfect drama twist. But since it was missing this drama, it shows that this task was fair. Palak won fair and square.

My comments on Palak winning and taking the title.

She is one lucky girl. ONE HECK OF A WOMAN! A round of applause!!

Her journey in Hell down under had many ups and downs but she faced everything very boldly.Her smarts managed her to reach the finale where she was chopped down by kiri. What is amazing is this girl, who went out of the show and exclaimed Roadies crew to be rude and rigging the show was given another chance to win it, and win it she did!

I would really love to know about her statements from 4 years ago.

Raghu’s battle for glory and what his winning signifies.

Raghu gave Palak a completely fair chance this year and it shows that this season was not only glory for the contestants but glory for him as well. He changed his ways. He was kinder. He was emotional, supportive, gentle. And I don’t know about you, but this image of the guy was strong and real enough for me to forget that in the past, he was known for his anger and over the top screaming! The most profit this battle for glory earned was for Raghu himself!

Not only this, his act of giving Avtar and Palak a chance to make amends was phenomenal! They were allowed to change their images and glorify themselves. Re-construct their images and change their lives!



10 years of journey. The moulding of the show that stands before us. The evolving twists, tasks, voteout tactics, politics, black box, battle for glory, Shortcuts,  7 deadly sins, from bad men (akshay kumar – Irfan Khan – Sanjay Dutt) to Raghu taking over the role himself. From the soft spoken raghu to his scary on screen presence to him embracing his true self on camera.

This has been a heck of a journey. Not just for a television show or a channel. And not just for the viewers. This journey has groomed Ranvijay from a full of potential teenager to a decent man on the screen. This journey has groomed Raghu from a shy man behind the camera to the main reason why people watch the show and get inspired. Roadies has been love. Roadies has been a way of life. Roadies has been inspiration. Roadies has been heartbreak. Roadies has been expectations. Roadies has been denials. Roadies has been happiness. But more importantly Roadies has been a dream!

Raghu’s position has been crucial. But he certainly has contributed to create a show that has reached a fair pattern by it’s tenth year. The trials have worked. A ten year journey that started from home to Thailand to Malasia to Australia to Afria to Brazil to America and back again to home. A journey around the world and a journey in the minds and capabilities of a common man! This is Roadies!

Thank Yous.

Thank you Raghu sir.

Thank you the crew of Roadies

thank you Simple Regular Joe of Roadies Mania. You have been kind. You have been supportive. You have been an institution. Your blogs have inspired me a lot. The way you saw so so SO MUCH in such a small, reader friendly space is fantastic and commendable. I wish we were friends in real life 🙂

And thank you, the readers, who kept me going. You have made this journey amazing.

This is NOT the end.

I have something special in store for all my readers. Follow me on twitter @sexualparatha to keep in touch or if you don’t have twitter, keep watching this space! You’re in for a treat!

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Episode 11 – Finale part 1

We’ve come to the second last episode of possibly the last season of Roadies. Sad. But still not confirmed.


So Ramandeep, Sonal, Gaurav and Anirudh make it to the finale from Ranvijay’s team and Mohit and Palak from Raghu’s. The thing about this season is, I believe anyone can win. And the best part is everyone deserves to win as well. Yes, even Palak! Time and time again she has proved to be better at this game than most other girls and she will do anything to survive. Politics and performance.


Mohit is a general favorite and there would be no surprise there if he wins because he definitely deserved it the last time around in season 8 and he absolutely deserves it this time too.


Anirudh has been an underdog.Nothing in his season. His luck didn’t work. He was horrible at auditions. But there’s a spark in him now. He has matured. The way he talks, reflects it. He wants to make something of himself in the industry and this is the only best way he can. AND HE MOST DEFINITELY WILL after this season.


Gaurav is a person full of potential. Sadly it doesnt translate into the show.


Sonal has made her mark in the season. I won’t be surprised if I find her cute face in an Indian television soap.


Ramandeep has weaker chances of winning this than Palak but she is definitely my favourite and I will be happy if she does win (considering the feminist aatma in raghu… this season’s winner COULD BE  a girl.. who knows 😛 )



Nobody had anything logical to say except Avtar.

Vikas, shutup. You lost to Ramandeep on fair grounds.

Suchit, please. Stop embarassing yourself.

Geetika Budhiraja (not) and Swati aunty, please shut the fuck up.

I loved how Jahid stayed quiet and so did Diyali.


I loved how things come to bite back at you when you pair up with people who you don’t like. Do you guys remember Taranjeet paired up with KanakRaju and lost in the finale? Even though she was friends with this other guy I forgot the name of…

History repeated itself and this time the victim was sadly Sonal 😦


The reason I believe the task was very well balanced was Gaurav, being an MMA fighter, should have been able to knock Anirudh out during the first 2 minutes. But he couldn’t. This proves that Anirudh is better at chess as compared to Gaurav than Gaurav is at boxing in comparison to Anirudh (I hope I am making sense).



So we have Anirudh, Ramandeep, Mohit and Palak in the finale. And no, I still don’t think there’s a wild card because everyone who was eliminated was eliminated on fair grounds.


I am not completely sure about it but I have a feeling it’s Anirudh who wins this season. He has a fiery spark. His graph has constantly moved up. And he will definitely be an equal competition to Mohit.

Another stupid reason to believe he wins is because if he wins, Ranvijay and Raghu both win. Think about it 🙂

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Journey – Episode 10 (Tawang) : The Journey Ends.

Finally the day has arrived. I figured it would be a short season this year but this short!? Kind of relieved to see a great, eventful journey coming to an end but also bitter to say goodbye to my most anticipated show of all times. I will miss you Roadies X. We’ll meet, until next year!

Beautiful Tawang

Tawang Bazaar Task

This is the only type of task Roadies was missing. Apart from some really good mind games that we haven’t seen this season, the shopping task is what I was waiting for. The whole thing was very simplistic but I have a few issues about the timings. I don’t think there’s a possible way to make this task fair. I also believe that Raghu’s team needed another elimination in order for the finale to be symmetrical.

There’s just no possible way to determine if the shops were equidistant from where the teams started and whether Raghu’s team had to walk more to reach them or Ranvijay’s. I don’t like saying this but I still believe it was biased towards Ranvijay’s team to keep 4 people in the team.

Similar situation occured when Ramandeep was forced to give up her bike and save her team which laid balanced grounds for the team swap. Team swap could never have occurred with disbalanced team memebers.

collage 2


Ramandeep’s Immunity

This was also a very sensitive issue that I think was pre-delivered. They knew that Ramandeep was going to be discarded, they knew that if she was the only one left non-immune, she’d be directly voted out. How convenient to immune the person who was discarded.

I do not, in any way, think this is wrong by the way because the creators know where the show is headed with the consequent dynamics and they have to try their best in order to save it from going down the drain.

Palak’s Luck

Season 6 finale, Kiri cutting Palak’s rope to take Nauman one for the finale. A task in which no girl could have competed in against a guy. Kiri’s decision resulted in Palak not getting the chance to do the task but it also got her eliminated from the game. How convenient! The similar situation mimics here. Palak’s saved and not allowed to go on and perform the task BUT THIS TIME, SHE IS PERMITTED IN THE FINALE INSTEAD OF BEING ELIMINATED. Is this Raghu’s way of balancing things up for what he did back in season 6?

palak's luck

Surprisingly, Kiri and Harri, both the guys who prevented her from doing the pulley task, gave the same frikkin reason (achay competition say compete karna chahta hun) MY ARSE!

The Battle Task

They didnt mention the weights they used in both the pulleys and that is wrong. If they used the same weights, it’s unfair because mohit has a higher body weight than Harri and there’s no way he could have defeated him with the same amount of mass dangling from his chains.

collage 3

Without a doubt, Mohit and Palak were allowed to continue.


Didn’t like the episode. Too predictable and too meddled with to set stage for a perfect finale. 6/10

What to expect in the finale

  • Lots of fight and people saying that “*insert name here* doesn’t deserve to be in the finale”
  • Possible wild card entries, possibly 2 contestants. (?)
  • Ramandeep teaming up with Anirudh (?)
  • Gaurav beating the hell out of Anirudh (since Gaurav has been given constant chances to prove himself by designing a task that lies in his comfort zone ; remember the first task)
  • Anirudh still winning because Sonal/Ramandeep will beat the other at chess (?)
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Journey – Episode 9 (Bomdila)

Our group finally lands to the second last destination of their journey; Bomdila. And what a beautiful place it is!

Suicide Crunches Task

They are immediately welcomed by the R-duo and introduced the task. It was actually a very tough one but very very smartly placed and important. We have known that Anirudh and Mohit were at prime risk since last voteout to be voted out this week. So our favourite creative heads put up a task that would give them an opportunity to win an immunity and save themselves from the fairly obvious doom ahead.

Mohit and Anirudh rose above them all and it was the most predictable thing that happened on the season.

Swati and Gaurav have been complete disappointments. Ramandeep did horribly as well. Palak kinda proved her worth through this task.

Vote out and the Immunity assignment

Palak has had an amazing luck in her season as well as this season. Eliminated then saved by the letter back in her season where she eliminated Sufi. Chosen by Nauman instead of Polomy. And now in Roadies X, saved by Avtar and now immunity given by Mohit.

Anirudh’s assignment of immunity to gaurav came as a shock. Sonal saved his ass last episode and this is how he paid her off. Kind of a disappointment. If I were drunk right now I’d say that Gaurav can defeat Anirudh and prove to be a problem for him but his history in the show suggests otherwise.

Swati and Ramandeep in the battle. Ramandeep’s emotions seemed so real. Raghu’s motivation kicked ass. Raman’s return. But I felt Swati lost pretty easily. She didn’t give her a tough fight as she should have. And I strongly condemn the donation of the Impulse that she was so generously bestowed upon by Raghu. I didn’t get the purpose.

The Game Now..

has now taken an interesting turn. We have Mohit Palak and Harry at one side and Anriudh Gaurav Ramandeep and Sonal at one side. But I am lost. How will they decide what to do. Is there going to be a double elimination or single elimination. Either way there will be 2 left in Mohit’s team (predictably; Mohit and Palak). Sonal and Gaurav have a high chance of being eliminated (my money is on Sonal’s elimination).

I see only 3 winner material left jin main 2 k upar bharosa hai (Ramandeep-Mohit-Anirudh) and I think the finale is between Mohit and Anirudh.

But like we all know, it’s Roadies. And there’s no sure way of finding out what happens in the next episode till the airing of the next episode!

Ciao! 😀

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